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"Unbelievably Cute Pictures of Rescued Baby Sloths"

They may always be grinning, but sloths—those cuddly, shaggy couch potatoes of the animal kingdom—are in trouble.

The six species that live in Central and South America are either endangered or declining fast due to people encroaching on their habitat. Photographer and primate conservationist Sam Trull has spent a few years documenting these charismatic tree dwellers.


“I moved to Costa Rica to work with primates. Then I met my first sloth”—and the rest is history, she says.

At an animal refuge run by the U.S. nonprofit Kids Saving the Rainforest, Trull has helped nurse many orphaned or abandoned baby sloths, most of which are then released back into the wild. Along the way she documented her work via photographs, which appear in her first book, Slothlove.


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