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Uncle Mansplainer

I really don't get along with my uncle. He's a staunch tea party advocate, and constantly trolls my facebook. Case in point, I posted a "#blacklivesmatter" post a while back and his response was something to the effect of "Maybe don't resist arrest." Basically, he's a professional jerk.

So anyways, I get a personal message from him through Facebook over the weekend regarding my job which he is just now hearing about (even though I've been doing this job for 3 years) and it is vaguely related to what he does. I've included the conversation below with changes to the job that indicate how well related it is what I'm talking about and what he's talking about.

  • Uncle: Family matriarch told me you are doing farming? Animal farming? If so, welcome to professional farming...
  • Me: I'm the fruit and vegetable farming manager for a mid-sized farm. I've worked there for 3 years. But I don't really work with animals and such, we have an animal farmer that handles all that stuff.
  • Uncle: But you have to deal with PFL?
  • Me: No clue what you're talking about here.
  • Uncle: Pig Feed Law (PFL) is a law for everything to do with Pig Feed under AFL and FL50, for audits and such.
  • Me: Yeah... I don't do anything with any of that.
  • Uncle: What do you do? Farm watering? or Farm management?
  • Me: I work in farm management, but I don't do anything with animal farming, we have an animal farmer for whom it is his job to know the animal farming laws. I only handle fruit and vegetable farming and just work with our animal farming specialists on their part if there is something I need to know.
  • Uncle: But in farm management meetings don't you have to talk to the other farm managers and know about animal farming? There is a lot to animal farming that you don't seem to know. Animal farming is FUN!
  • Me: We don't handle any detailed discussions of animal farming in our fruit and vegetable farming meetings. My only concern with animal farming is ensuring that when their job overlaps with mine that they certify that it's done correctly. We do farm management meetings, and we may mention animal farming in a general sense, but we never get into the nitty gritty of it. So I can speak generically about some aspects of animal farming, but I really attempt to keep myself out of that arena and specialize in fruit and vegetable farming. I know where to look up animal farming information if it is important for my work in fruit and vegetable farming, but if not it is just handled by our animal farmers.
  • Uncle: You should learn it all and understand all the animal farming aspects. Makes you more valuable to the farm and in the future. Just some free advice! See ya.

It makes me really angry. I do actually know my own job, and I know what will make me a valuable employee to both my company and in the future should I decide to leave. Learning something that isn't my job isn't going to help me, even if that's what you do. There's no reason for me to learn it, it doesn't add to what I currently do. Maybe trust when I say I don't need to know it that I don't fucking need to know it! The free advice is worth even less than what I paid for it.

ETA: From a comment thread with doubletroublepox I realized that I didn't exactly say what my uncle's job is, so here is my comment back: "In terms of this example, it's essentially like he's the weekday chicken feeder and I'm the mother fucking fruit and vegetable BOSS lady."

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