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Uncle Wizard...

..my Mother’s Brother, my Godfather & Hero. A kickass 70 year old man who has been a guiding light in my life, along with his wife who has been a role model & go~to for me.

He was a teenager when he was drafted to serve in Vietnam; Navy. I was still in diapers when he came home. My first memory of him is him FLYING me & my big sister around our living room. Zooming us in his arms close to the ceiling & down to the floor. We were really, truly flying in his arms. Explosive giggles and lots of kissy hugs. He called himself Uncle Wizard & it has stuck for decades. We adored him, and still do.

Here is what he posted today. Cue the Trump assholes who are supposed to be his friends. Me & Auntie Wizard have been delivering the smackdown all fucking night.


Note: an upside down flag is a universal sign of distress in the military. He knew exactly what he was doing when he hung his flag today.

I know you all have been fighting the fight where you can. It’s so fucking offensive & exhausting. Drop your frustration here... xoxo

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