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Uncomfortable moments at the playground

OK, so it's freezing and snowy and icy and awful outside so I took my son (2.5) to the local McDonalds to the inside playground. He was happy as could be to see other kids and get out of the apt and was running around having a great time. A little girl (about 3-ish?) came up to me and asked if she and "my little boy" could play. I said sure, you can ask him and the two of them ran around giggling and ran off lots of energy. My kiddo is very affectionate and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. The little girl's grandpa started to laugh and laugh but she looked a little upset. She said "Grandpa, that little boy kissed me!" and he laughed and said "Well then, stop being so pretty!".

Not cute. I tried hard not to make a frowny face and walked up and said "I"m sorry. We can tell him 'no kisses please.'" We told my son "no, thank you," and since he's two, he said "ok" and then they went on to play again. She said hugs were ok later and they hugged a lot when she went home. I'm glad they worked it out.

I was really, really uncomfortable with Grandpa's reaction here. I wish he'd told her it's ok to say 'no, thank you' instead of telling her it's because she was so pretty. :(



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