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Uncomfortable situation with last night

Sooo last night I went out with a good friend without my daughter. It has been months since I have gotten a break due to my husband being on night shift. It started out well and then her boyfriend needed help because he locked his keys in his car while the car was still running. So of course we just had to go over and watch him to try to unlock his car for 45 minutes. He ends up being able to unlock the door and on the way back to the picnic area, he keeps asking why I had to come along and how I should have waited by myself at the picnic area. Ummm, ok. We sit down and my friend's boyfriend kept interrupting me. The final straw is that he said in a really loud voice I CAN LOOK UP YOUR DRESS AND SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR. I was mortified and kind of disgusted because why was he looking in that direction anyway. My dress was knee length and you'd have to look in order to see my panties. I end up waiting 15 minutes and going home saying my daughter was sick. I was pretty upset.

I am so fed up. My friend's boyfriend is horrible. All her friends think he is a POS. He is on the spectrum but you know what? That doesn't give him a pass for being not a nice person and an elitist jerk. I am at a point where I either no longer see my friend or tell her what an asshole he is. I don't get why she is with him. She is more or less his babysitter. She has made questionable decisions in the past with men so I feel like well she is oblivious to who his is.

I have had like 10 encounters with him where he is either insulting me or my husband for being enlisted or questioning my parenting skills... I understand he can't gauge social situations but instead of just not bringing something up, he makes uncomfortable remarks.


I don't know what to do. I wouldn't trust him with a kid and she wants to get married and have kids with him... And I don't think she fully sees what life would be like with him.


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