I guess spoilers, but this show is so off the rails.

I've read the book twice, and WTF is going on with the plot?

It is so obvious that CBS wasn't sure about it, but once they realized they had a hit a "limited-run" series, they renewed it to become a proper series. The last scene(s) from last season were hastily shot so they could continue the show.

The younger brother had puberty hit really hard. He is so tall with a deep voice now.

(for book readers) What do you think their end game is? Stephen King has said the showrunners changed the reason for the dome appearing and he he liked it even better than his own ending.

I just hope after this season we get a conclusion. The book is rich with plot possibilities, but there is an obvious ending (and a major event before it) that made it interesting. The show would have been great if it had been a proper miniseries, like The Stand.