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Underappreciated City/Town/Rural Area Love Thread UPDATED TO BE MORE INCLUSIVE

If you live in or love a place that is underappreciated, here’s your chance to share the love.

People in Cleveland are probably feeling a certain way right now. Tell us why you love your city.


I will start with Oakland, Ca. I spend most of my time here (though I live across the Bay in San Francisco.) I will say that the Mexican food is better in Fruitvale (Oakland neighborhood) than SF’s Mission District (and I live there!)

I also feel that the neighborhoods in Oakland are strong. I knew way more of my neighbors when I lived here than I ever do in SF. I mean, my usual bus driver and I know each other’s names. That would never happen in San Francisco.

Sing your underappreciated city’s praises!

ETA: If you live out in the country, feel free to join in!

I am from the Mojave Desert. You know, near Barstow and Victorville. Joshua trees still stir something in my soul even though I live hundreds of miles north of them now. Lots of faults in the towns, but the natural beauty is amazing in some parts.

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