Hi Groupthink!

It's been a seriously long time since I have posted here. However, a very 'serious' matter has come to my attention, and I feel like it must be addressed with the community.

You see, I'm a reality TV addict. I love the faux good feelings that a lot of these shows give me, and I'm unapologetic about it. I think we all know the world is a terrible enough place that all of us can use a bit of escapism from time-to-time.


Here's my problem: I used to love the show Undercover Boss, because of the feeling of positivity I got from how the workers made out in the end. I gave it a pass on some of its more unacceptable attributes for that reason. However, recently I've noticed that one of my favorite episodes has been completely altered. I have googled my ass off, but can't find an explanation for what could account for this change.

In season one of the show, the 7-eleven episode, company truck driver Igor Finkler receives a franchise as an award for his hard work and positive attitude. I have watched this episode several times over the years when I need a boost of my sense of rightness in the world and to reinvigorate my sense of America being a good place. However, upon viewing the episode tonight, his receipt of a franchise has completely been cut out of Netflix's version of the episode. It's just gone. I've checked and rechecked three times. He just gets a trip with his wife now.

WHAT IS GOING ON? I feel like Igor may have experienced some hard times with his franchise, and 7-eleven, in partnership with Netflix, is seeking to just erase his awesome experience from history. It's not right!!

I've linked just one of the many articles that shows he did win a franchise. I can't find anything more recent.


What happened to make Netflix edit out the best part of the best episode??