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This time of year there are Top 10 lists for basically everything. And it seems like there are increasingly more (at least on film sites) Worst 10 lists. But what are the things of the year that you loved that nobody else seemed to get into? And what are the things that everybody else seems into that leave you going "huh"?

For me, I loved the movie Locke. I thought it was by far the most compelling and inventive thing I've seen this year. And the movies that left me flummoxed were Force Majeure and Guardians of the Galaxy. Force Majeure was fine. For the life of me I don't understand why every film critic I like has it on their best of the year lists. And Guardians I just... I love Chris Pratt, and I thought Dave Bautista was hilarious. But otherwise it just wasn't as funny as I wanted it to be, and it suffered the fate of all Marvel movies without Loki - the villain was so blah. And I adore Lee Pace! I get liking it, but why so many people lost their shit over it is a great mystery to me.

What about you all? Movies, music, TV, books - whatever!

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