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Underwhelmed and annoyed at DB's Finnick article

TW: body image discussion

Sam Claflin confessed to some pretty major and troubling body issues in the quote excerpted, and Doug's response is to criticize his use of the term "manorexic?" If a beautiful, cut woman confessed that: 1) she didn't want to take off her clothes to enjoy the beach; 2) that her partner had expressed concern over her increasing weight-loss; 3) that even with this weight loss she felt very fat — well, wouldn't we immediately raise alarm bells and hope she sought treatment?

In other words, this is beyond "men have body issues too" + insert lame joke about classical sculptures. This is an actor saying he, specifically, has some body dysmorphic shit going on and likely needs help. Once again, I'm annoyed at the general insensitivity toward the ways that patriarchal expectations hurt men, too. (See also: Chris Brown.)


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