Not sure if this has been covered somewhere else before, but it doesn’t seem to have made the news rounds much. A woman in Houston went to her gyno appointment to treat a cyst and after waiting 3 hours to see the doctor, the police showed up and arrested her, telling her oldest daughter that it was a “deportation case.” They charged with tampering with ID, allegedly because of a fake social security card they found in her purse after the arrest. Her bail is set at $35,000, but her family does not have the money to post it and their lawyer has advised them not to post until they are sure there will not be a notification to ICE (which could lead to her deportation) once she is released. It looks like someone at the doctor’s office made the report, but it sets a crazy precedent for other undocumented people in Texas to not seek out medical assistance when they need it. Anyone hear about this story? Thoughts?