Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Day one, Monday, June 15 - work up early feeling refreshed and strangely relieved. Went to grocery store and investment broker to set up new IRA for rollover of 401K. Ran multiple other errands. Came home and watched lots of tv. Cats seem very happy that I am home with them.

Day two, Tuesday June 16 - work up early. Started planning day but realized I did everything yesterday so today will be a bunch of nothing. Started period and cramps might kill me. Ate a can of soup for lunch and watched tv. Cats still not used to someone home during the day.


Day three, Wednesday June 17 - woke up early, again dammit. Still crampy and kind of PMS-y. Sent out a few resumes, washed a load of clothes and took a box to UPS. Got a cranberry slush from Sonic. Note: DO NOT TAKE PILLS USING A SLUSH!! Ate a can of soup as I fended off cats. Took a nap. Watched some tv. May have to kill cats soon.

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