Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So a while back, Mr. I was interviewing with a certain government agency that is looking for computer skills. Things were going well, until they indicated that he would have to move to Ottawa for the job. He replied that we really couldn't relocate, and we thought that was the end of that.

Yesterday, Mr. I got an email from the agency, saying that they have reconsidered his application, and given that they have need of his skills, they will be forwarding his resume on to several agency offices in our more immediate area!


This agency has been heavily recruiting lately. Pretty much everyone Mr. I knows in the tech industry has been contacted, and they even had a recruiting booth at Anime North last spring.

Thing is, just last week, Mr. I decided to formally start his own business. He has been consulting on a number of projects for his former employer, and has had some other nibbles for contract work. At the very least, if the agency does make him a job offer, it will be months before he can start work, because he will still have to get security clearance. At the very least this can help tide him over.

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