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Unexplained Phenomena: UPDATE

Two nights ago I took off my favorite earrings, the ones my mother gave me that match an old pair of hers, and laid them next to my glasses on the couch. I couldn’t find them the next morning. I’ve been moving, so I assumed they’d made their way into the mess of my new bedroom. An hour ago I returned to my backdoor after a late night grocery run to find them lying next to the door, neatly laid next to one another. They were not there when I locked the door to leave.

We have an alarm that sounds whenever someone enters the apartment at any access point. I don’t know how someone could have entered the apartment between me leaving my earrings on the couch and them not being there again in the morning without me hearing the alarm. My roommate is gone for the weekend and left hours before I took them off. No one has been here that I know of.


Don’t know what to think. :\ Am I insane? I mean, I didn’t leave my earrings on our freaking porch, nicely placed next to the door. That’s nuts. Did someone enter the apartment, take my earrings, and then carefully wait until I made a 25 minute grocery run to creep me out by leaving them at the door? What is happening?!

ETA: the actual earrings in question are shown above. No they cannot become hooked on things because of their design.


OMG I found out what happened. I went outside just now to move my car and met our upstairs neighbor whose name now escapes me. She’s a nontraditional (in her 40s) first year medical student who has some kind of arrangement with my roommate to share and help pay for our internet. Only her unit shares the back stairs with ours. She found my earrings on the stairs, texted my roommate about it, then laid them very carefully at our doorstep. They must have fallen out of my jeans pocket, though I definitely do not recall putting them there.


Mystery solved. I feel like Scully, in a world where there actually are no aliens. It is so satisfying to have a logical explanation for something previously unexplained. Yay!

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