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Unfriend Count (Alt. Title: Burn It Down)

The Great Ferguson Unfriending. What's your count? Mine is at 4. I have been expecting more but some of my FB acquaintances have been silent (or they are unfriending me). I don't have confirmation they are racist - they just lean conservative, and I expect shitty opinions from them. Are they silent because they don't care? Because they are on the right side of this but it conflicts with their identities? Because they are scared of the repercussions of voicing their shitty opinions (because they know the opinions mark them as racist)?

Two unfriendings: for using hashtag AllLivesMatter. One: for calling protestors animals. One: for saying we should trust in the legal system.


I can't lie; I am glad Ferguson burned last night. They have been through hell and Black America has been explicitly told it needs to defend itself. I want to say, "Violence is never the answer." That's easy for me to say - I'm not at risk to be legally murdered. But violence clearly is the answer for cops who think they are trying to tackle crime; this has been a state-sanctioned murder. Fight gunfire with fire.

There is no amount of property damage that will outweigh the loss of innocent lives at the hands of the police. Fire is dangerous but a cop with a gun pointed at you is far worse.

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