Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Unfuck it Sunday?

Yesterday ended up being lounge day, so today will constitute the great unfuckening.

I need to start my media analysis paper for women's studies (a discussion about the way women and men receive different treatment and have expectations placed on them in the workplace, using examples from the tv show Dexter), finish my last English paper (an analysis of an essay on prison overcrowding) rewash ALL MY CLOTHES BECAUSE MY ROOMMATE'S DICK CAT GOT INTO MY ROOM AND PISSED INSIDE MY CLEAN LAUNDRY BASKET, and generally unfuck the kitchen, which I destroyed yesterday while I made coconut chicken. Roommate is away until this evening so I should be able to get it looking nice before then.


Laundry is currently going. I'm so pissed (ugh, pun not intended). Roomie's other cat is a complete dreamboat, but this one (the pisser) has got some kind of serious behavioral problems. Apparently she has found another good home for him with a family that's willing to sort out his issues. I hate seeing anyone give up a pet, but according to roommate this has been going on for months with no resolution, despite medication, numerous vet visits, extra attention, and dietary changes. Meh.

What are you guys up to today?

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