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Unfuck Your Shit Saturday: Take A Cue From This Dog

Usually on Unfuck Your Shit Saturday, we're all running around cleaning out shit and throwing shit away and going 'WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME WHY DO I HAVE 7000 DISHES IN MY SINK' or 'HOW THE FUCK DID I END UP WITH 400 BEDAZZLED HEADBANDS AHHHHH.'

But today, I thought we'd look at Unfuck Your Shit Saturday a little differently. How about we unfuck some of the shit inside of us?


Let's start by taking a cue from this dog. This dog is the perfect manifestation of transcendental enlightenment. This dog is Fonzie and Telly Savalas and Bobby Darin kinds of cool. This dog is arhat. This dog has not only reached Nirvana, this dog has built a little house there, and furnished it with all the fucks he no longer gives.

This dog is the true, physical embodiment of 'meh.'

That kitten is everyone at my job. That kitten is my mother's random complaints about why I don't write her anymore. That kitten is my landlord who, after 5 months of, finally got around to fixing our broken door. That kitten is Time Warner, who always decides to have shitty reception problems during the last five minutes of some good show I'm watching. That kitten is every person who 'derp derp!'s about healthcare, Benghazi, abortion, gay marriage, etc.

We should all learn to react to all the bullshit in our lives just like this fucking dog.

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