I am cleaning our bathroom right now and dear god....

I hate grout so much, why does grout exist? Why is our bathroom all white? I finished the toilet/sink/mirror areas and now i have sprayed scrub free with ~oxy clean~ all over the shower/tub, everywhere, it's soaking and i need to take a break because the fumes are insane and we don't have a window in our bathroom (plus the fan is semi-broken and terrible)

The entire reason i'm even cleaning our bathroom? Our hot water handle is broken and we can't turn on the hot water so we have to have a maintenance guy come in, and i don't want him to see our squalor. I clean for a living... so i'm not really great at keeping up at home.

So please, tips for unfucking our grout in between the tiles in the shower? Also the bottom of our tub has just the slightest gray tint and i'm really not sure what to use, if anything, to get that out. Pretty sure it was there when we moved in, but i hate it. Our building was built in the 60's and the bathroom is original.. it's old as heck.

Spawned from Whosits comment on star's post, let's all have an unfucking party! Are you guys unfucking your place today? How's that going??