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I am worried about my dad :(

My dad is at retirement age but still working. Or rather he still has to work due to various financial reasons. He is in the oil and gas industry and has been unemployed, employed, freelance, out of work, employed again but only part-time.. etc ever since I can remember (this is reason for my financial anxiety btw).

Anyway, he lost a well paying sales manager job last year as the company was sold or something and has been struggling ever since. Had a few interviews and he is super qualified and good at his job but obviously at 62 (edit: I know that this is not super old in the grand scheme of things but he ain’t no spring chicken either ;)), not many people are going to hire him through the traditional way. Anyway, he messaged me last week that he had a relatively local (2 hrs drive) job interview and my sister and I both wished him luck. Today he messaged us that it went rather well and he is 80% sure that he will get is and oh year, that he will fly out to Erbil (yes, that one) until Wednesday to finish another deal he has been working on since June.

I feel sick to my stomach and feel like throwing up. I wish my dad was not so desperate that he feels like he has to do this and fly to this region but this is sadly where most of his industry is based and he needs the money. I hope at least all works out and that he comes back in one piece. I was so glad when a sales job in Sub-Saharan Africa did not work out and I just want my dad to stay in Europe. He is not the youngest any more and he has always travelled a lot for work but I really want him to slow down a bit and not have to go to places in that region when the world is behaving terribly. I am just so worried right now.

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