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Unintended Consequences of Using Poo Pourri

The place where I'm currently working has this stuff above the toilets ostensibly to trick your coworkers into thinking you didn't just take a giant farty dump.

However, instead of neutralizing the smell, it releases a powerfully lemony perfume. So now you 100% know someone just shat in the bathroom and used the Poo Pourri in an attempt to cover their tracks.


I was waiting at the door of one of the toilets (they are single person) and the guy came out, saw me, looked away quickly and shuffled off as fast as possible. I was confused until I got the blast of Poo Pourri Chemical Lemon Breeze.

Yes, coworker, I do know that you dropped a bomb in there so heinous that you felt you needed the Poo Pourri. But don't worry buddy. Wipe that shame off your face.

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