Y'all may know Uniqlo. It's a fantastic Japanese clothing brand whose flagship store is in Soho, NYC.

In the weeks after Hurricane Sandy, Uniqlo loaded up busses full of volunteers to distribute warm clothing to the citizens of the worst impacted towns in NJ, NY & CT. When I heard they were coming to my town, I looked them up to see what was up.

No announcement on their website, save for a small icon to "volunteer", which I tried to do but the slots were already filled. No press release. No fanfare. No turning a devastating disaster to their advantage. Simply put, they did it because they felt they should. What they gave away to 14 towns over 7 weeks was truly stunning & so very needed.

1 feather weight performance down jacket with hood ($79.99), 1 Heatech long sleeve top (29.99) & 1 Heatech long underwear pants ($29.99). 1 hundred 40 fucking dollars worth of much needed warmth. Kindly, efficiently without PR, and best of all, it didn't feel like charity. It felt like love.

It was beautiful. I brought 2 friends to the distribution in our town and they gave them 3 sets each. I had 2 friends who could not come & they gave me 2 sets each for them. They asked if I wanted one, too. I said, "my workshop is gone but my house is fine." They said, "Here, you need one, too." Yes, there was crying :)


Anyway, I took my borrowed Niece from Texas in to NYC today and one of our stops was Uniqlo. She went crazy!!! We spent money, and I genuinely smiled through the whole transaction. I felt 150% good about it, too. They helped my town in a beautiful, quiet, much needed way. I wish more corporations would follow their lead.

ETA: This is the same borrowed Niece who took a change collection at lunchtime in her school for a week, and then sent $200 worth of gift cards for me to give to the people of my town. Two hundred dollars in change!!! She's a beast of the most beautiful kind.