Traditional Thanksgiving desserts are yummy โ€” nothing wrong with a good old pie! (also, pie is MOST EXCELLENT when smushed into ice cream the next day). However, I am usually in charge of desserts for Thanksgiving, and I like to mix it up a bit. Some of my past tried and true favorites:

1. Croissant bread pudding with Irish whisky caramel sauce

2. Pumpkin bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce

3. Maple cheesecake with candied bacon topping

This year, I'm making a brown sugar maple apple cheesecake concoction. Basically graham cracker/pecan/brown sugar crust, then a small layer of apples cooked with maple & brown sugar, smothered in a nice creamy cheesecake with a hint of maple, topped with more apple mixture, and finished off with a streusel-like crusty layer. I'm excited and hope it comes out as good as it sounds in my head.


What are your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving desserts? (that you've made or consumed)