Anyone have any experience with the brand? How does their swimwear hold up under light wear? (I live in Seattle, so only a couple of beach/pool trips a year and some summer sunbathing is what we're talking here.) The price tag is $88 at my local boutique for this rad thing and after splurging on concert tickets and an upcoming weekend getaway, plus during a recent friend's visit, compounded with getting some hours cut at work, aaaaand add the notion that my frugal boyfriend makes more than me while supporting (emotionally, not financially) my decision to work part-time so that I can spend more time at my (non-paying) writing career . . . makes me feel a little icky about spending so much on such a frivolous thing. But it's soooo beautiful. I've been looking for a high-waisted bikini that favors me for a while. And I love the print. And I haven't bought a bathing suit since 2005 (!!!!!!) What say ye, GT? Is this an irresponsible purchase? Do I even care?

ETA: Also loving that the thumbnail image for this post is basically just a boob shot. Oh well.

*U*p*D*a*T*e ~~~~~ I BOUGHT IT. Am currently prancing about the apartment and miming really bad pinup poses.