Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m excited and this needs to happen, so I’m going to repost here what I posted earlier today on Facebook in hopes that other New Yorkers get involved, if they’re not already.

This is probably the best year ever for getting universal healthcare for everyone in our state. New York Health has been reintroduced in the 2017-2018 sessions of the Assembly (bill number A4738) and the Senate (bill number S4371). You can read about and follow them here:

Senate bill. Assembly bill.

You should absolutely check where your Senate and Assembly representatives stand on this. Then call/write/email/fax/telepathize them and ask them to support this, or thank them if they already have. And join up with Campaign for New York Health, too.


Five of the 17 Senate Health committee members are supporters, so far. That’s it. Let’s not let this bill die in the Senate every year.

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