FSU has decided that Jameis Winston's disciplinary hearing will occur 2 FUCKING DAYS after their season ends. Heaven forbid they not have their magical quarterback during a winning season.

(Meanwhile, there also has been new information about Tallahassee PD and FSU campus PD letting a cornerback get away with a hit and run with no field sobriety test that occurred around the time of a robbery next door. The cornerback got two tickets, one of which was unknowingly driving with a suspended license.)

That being said, Tennessee has suspended two players who are suspects in sexual assaults from last weekend. Neither player has been charged yet, but the university seems willing to at least treat the allegations seriously. We'll wait and see if suspension from all team activities becomes suspension from their game against Mizzou this weekend.


*As a Bama fan, I have to hate Rocky Top. While normally I would tell Orange to kiss my ass, this kind of behavior from the administration is changing my opinion.