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Unlocking Sherlock: Awesome Documentary on PBS.com!

I was checking my Tumblrs* when I came across this new hour long documentary about the new series of Sherlock. There are lots of interviews with the writers and the stars about how the show came into being. They also have an ancient interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle along with a general history of the stories and how they were put on film in the past. It is premiering on PBS in January, but you can watch it now online for some bizarre reason (totally not complaining).

Here is the link to watch the documentary. There is also going to be a short, 7 minute Sherlock Christmas special called Many Happy Returns that'll be on BBC Iplayer on Christmas Eve starting around 2pm their time.


*I blame Groupthink for hooking me onto Tumblr, by the way. I didn't even know what the purpose of Tumblr was before I came to Groupthink. Now I follow an obscene amount of Cumberbatch/Sherlock/Hiddleston blogs. THANKS.**

**Really though, thank you. So many gifs. So many fantastic pictures. So much Sherlock news.

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