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I don’t generally mind being a lawyer, but sometimes...

Yesterday I drove 45 minutes each way to very briefly speak with my client and spend a total of about six hours sitting in a court waiting for my 60-second motion.

This involved the court not getting to my motion until after lunch, and thus my eating at a MacDonald’s, people.


At least I remembered to take a book.

Today I am unmotivated, in part from that but more from the fact that my Mother-in-Law died last night. She was the Last Grandparent, a really nice person. When Spouse and I were married, she tried to make a wedding cake for us (fruitcake, a family tradition) and made it low-sugar because I was diabetic. As a result, it got moldy en route from Utah. But that was such a nice thing for her to do.

She was 90, and Spouse is heading out on Thursday for the funeral.

And now there are none.  Spouse and I are now the provisional roots of the family tree.


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