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Unnecessary stress is unnecessary

So I think (hope) I left my wallet at Prince Fluffybutt's house today. Blargh.

I know I took cash out of it this morning to go to the store to get coffee, and I'm hoping I just forgot to put it back in my bag and just put it on his table.

It didn't help that I was drunk leaving his house so I didn't even notice if I left it. I don't think there's anywhere else it could be since I didn't leave his house until I went home, and I know I didn't drop anything out of my giant purse in the 2 seconds it took me to get to the car and the 2 seconds from the car to the house. Plus side is a friend drove me home so if I dropped it in his car, it's in HIS car and not a cab.


But still. I'm kinda nervous and praying to whatever god will listen that it's at the Prince's house. He's already asleep cuz he has work tomorrow, so I won't know til like 6am if it's there. I'm just nervous because all my shit is in it - my state ID, my debit card, my credit cards, my CPR certification card which I JUST got and don't want to replace, my fucking metrocard which cost over $100.


I really don't want to have to make phone calls tomorrow to all my credit card companies and my bank to cancel my cards. That's not something I want to do.

Update: The Prince was wakened from his slumber and proceeded to let me know my wallet is in his possession! Now I can get my drunken ass to sleep. Thank you all for letting me complain (again) <3

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