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Unnecessary updates about my breasts

After buying fancy lingerie yesterday, I have a few things I would like to overshare.

1. My breasts feel GREAT. Like, seriously, most comfortable bras I have ever worn in my entire life, and these are all-lace bras, dammit. Who knew? (I thought about googling a "happy boobs" gif, but I felt like that might lead to some bad results when I'm sitting at the law school.)


2. My breasts are kinda pointy in these bras. Not Madonna cone-bra pointy, but like Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek pointy. Not a bad thing, just different after trying to fit them into too-small department store bras that squish them up instead of fitting them properly.

3. I feel DAMN GOOD. I just kinda want to rip open my shirt and go LOOK AT MY AWESOME BRA EVERYONE, but that would be inappropriate. Especially in law school.

Verdict? Definitely worth $78. I am embarrassed to admit I spent $78 on one bra, but I would do it again. I am just that satisfied. And the lady at the store told me that it should last me ~6 months per hook-and-loop level (there are 3, just like most bras), and after it was too stretched at the tightest level, they could alter it in-store for $15 so it was tight enough again.



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