Ok everyone, we've decided on a time and location!

We're going to Crocodile Lounge, which is near Union Square. The address is 325 E. 14th St, New York, NY 10003. They have cheap drinks, arcade games, and FREE PIZZA. Yes, free fucking pizza! I can't give directions for everyone but I just gotta take the Q to Union and then walk for like 10 minutes, so essentially just get to Union and it's not far from there.

My non-GT friend and I will be getting there around 8 or so, and StitchIsMyPatronus (BCT) will be meeting up with us between 8:30-9.

So come hang out with us! Shoot me an email at princess.fluffy.groupthink@gmail.com if you want or just, ya know, let me know on here if you're gonna come with. :)