So, I've been thinking about Tracy Moore's article on ditching fairy tales and teaching science "instead."

If we're to be good parents to our girls, the trend is to opt for gender neutrality. No tutus, no Disney Princesses, and for the love of dog, nothing (shudder) pink.

But what is the message we're adopting and sending to our children? Yet again, we're enforcing the idea that being a girl, you know, like a (gasp) girly-girl is a bad thing. Because we all know you can't take one of those girls seriously. Nope, those girls are vacuous and silly and everything the Patriarchy wants them to be.

Except; wait. Are we really opting for neutrality here? I'd suggest that it's simply another tip of the hat to the systemic misogyny that states that Male is greater than Female.


What we should be focusing on is that we women-creatures aren't some separate species of human. We're just humans. And sometimes we like manicures, swirly skirts or high heels; none of those things make us less human, less worthwhile.

I say rock on, Princess (and parents). Bend and snap your bad selves and continue to push for gender equality, rather than settle for the antiquated idea that neutrality = lack of femininity.