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Unpopular car opinion

Looking at cars that are made today especially sedans remind me of these creatures from the Dragon Warrior/Quest series. If most modern sedans like Nissan, Ford,.Hyundai, Toyota were transformers it would be from creatures this video game series.

Just stretch them out do some tweaking and voila most sedans.

I told my mother I want this car body with modern engines, accessories like ac, heated seats etc.


Why can they not make cars with this body? This style so needs to come back. This car like the Bel Air personifies car body perfection.

Top car is a Plymouth sedan bottom Bel Air both 1950s. Instead we have sedans if they were transformers would be Slime from Dragon Warrior. Sadly that’s what we are getting a sedan that looks like Slime transformed. The insides are nice. We are down to a few cars.

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