Tonight I decided I was craving a tuna melt, so I decided to look online to see if there were any recipes that would make mine even better. There, I discovered that tuna melts are a much more controversial food than I realized.

In this article they ranged from:



“I have never had a tuna melt, but this sounds like the sandwich of my dreams. Time to write my mother an angry e-mail.”


Heating up canned tuna should be outlawed. Putting cheese on it isn’t making things any better. One of the few things on my DNE [Do Not Eat] list.


I like my tuna melts open-faced on an English muffin! Might be weird, but they’re so cute and charming and bite-sized that way. ... C’mon, what’s not to like? Unless you hate tuna, I suppose…


Once you get into if they are even a food worth eating, you then get into the bigger controversies of what kind of bread (sourdough, English muffin, croissant), open faced or closed, relish or no, pickles or no, mayo or no, heated through or just enough to melt the cheese, what kind of cheese.

Personally, I’m a firm believer that tuna melts should be open faced, but am less stringent on everything else. I tend to use less Miracle Whip (never mayo) than I would in a tuna salad, pickles if I have them, onions or celery for a bit of crunch, and whatever cheese I have around (tonight was Swiss), the bread needs to be a hearty one, and I prefer cheese melted, but the tuna barely warmed.

What are your opinions on the important topic that is tuna melts?