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Unpopular literary opinions your most shameful

I am ashamed that everytime there is a new Sherlock movie or show part of me is upset. Wny? Where is the love of Hercule Poirot? Sure Sherlock had Holmes but Poirot had for many novels Hastings. Ok at times you wonder if Hastings knows how to tie his shoes but they have a sweet endearing friendship.

Poirot loves good food and friendship. Sure he is serious while solving crimes but he on occassion takes time to play matchmaker. Does Holmes? No.

Yet this character seems stuck on tv as a WW2 era character even though his character went from the thirties to early 1970s. Sherlock has been updated from as far back as the 40s. Sherlock is in two shows where he lives in modern world.


Hercule none. As a writer Arthur Conan Doyle was very, very good but Christie is in my opinion a better writer.

Yes I am not a Sherlock fan at all. I would in fact I would rank him barely in my top 5 of mystery detectives. Poirot, Perry Mason, Spenser, Amelia Peabody I like more. Also Perry Mason needs an update too.

Your most shameful literary opnion.

Although part of me thinks Poirot v Holmes is generational in a way. I notice Christie buyers as older readers. Maybe as one ages Christie is appreciated more. Any book sellers notice this? The local senior center often has Christie novels I discovered her through the senior center 10ish years ago. It was love at first read. This was the first I read. A very serious novel with no Hastings. Book I read had a different cover.


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