We saw on dvd Hello Dolly with Barbara Streisand and Walter Mathieu (sp). The songs are fantastic, the singing is excellent ok WM really cannot sing. Still I never bought Streisand’s performance. She was 27 at the time movie was released, probably 26 during filming.

She sang and was very funny. I just never bought it. When she sang When The Parade Marches By this is a song that someone in their 40s or older would sing. This is a song about having a vibrant life then it disappearing via tragedy and now you want that old life back maybe not exactly but the emotions.

The song Hello Dolly references its been years since she came to the restaurant and she and her late husband were regulars. So before she was 21 was when she was a regular.

Why wasn’t it Carol Channing. Let’s face it she is and always will be Dolly. Or Ethel Merman. Either would have been ideal plus both played Dolly on stage. Not sure if Merman did it before or after the movie.

If movie was done in 1979 Streisand would have been ideal.

Fantastic singer and comic actress but performed it too early in her career.

So hard to believe Michael Crawford played Cornelius and later The Phantom of The Opera. Shows how versatile he is and then a vampire in Dance of The Vampires.