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Unpopular Opinion 1970s Early 80s Worst For Men's Fashions

I think these two pictures symbolize all that was wrong with men’s fashion that era.

1. The Godzilla. collars. Seriously who thought Godzilla sized collars was a good idea?


2. Cordoroy. Although it may still sell. They fade quickly amd tear down the seat. Happened to me so no way will I ever wear them again. When they tear its loud.

3. Plaid suit coats. I wore one like this is early 80s in high school. We had to wear suitcoats and ties. Note I never wore a tie after high school. Suit coat only for funerals but we had to buy new ones.

Plaid suit coats like this seem to have disappeared. The plaid suit coat as bad as it was in no way matches the monstrosity of the Godzilla collars.


Does anyone like these clothes? I confess maybe if I need a new suitcoat I would ponder buying plaid.

4. The manperm. Do I need to explain this? It may have gone by another name but my friends and I called it the manperm. Think Brady Bunch. Thank god that hair style is dead. I had a cousin who got one he looked horrible in it. My late grandmother loved it and wanted me to get one.I said no. I never did. A picture of a manperm for those too young to recall or not alive in 70s.


Upside the 70s long sideburns was fashionable not big sideburns as the 60s but still.


Although compared to todays male fashions 70s and early 80s was bolder and memorable. Unique time in male fashion.

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