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I noticed that MeTV (a syndicated channel) is showing The Andy Griffith Show. Sorry I dislike this show totally. Why? The characters. I do like Deputy Barney Fife, Don Knotts was one of the best sitcom actors ever and had fantastic.facial expressions. I assume ALL at one point seen an episode of the show.

I watched this show a lot growing up my late grandmother LOVED it.

Aunt Bee, seriously dislike her, yes she was a reflection of the times. She believed her entire existance was to care for Andy and his son Opie and that’s it. Yet there was also something manipulative with her, she tried to control Andy’s life not so much in words but attitude, sort of passive aggressive.


Andy Taylor good lord he was self rightious at times.

Gomer and Goober they both annoyed actually the townsfolk annoyed me.

In retrospect the town and characters showed not just an utter lack of curiousity about world around them but a selfrighiousness about the world around them that boardered on contempt..

I do not know why it is considered timeless sitcom. Anyone think it should be beloved?

My beloved 60s shows are Star Trek TOS, Dick Van Dyke Show, Gilligan’s Island,.Lost in Space and barely making it Beverly Hillbillies, it does have a truly beloved theme song.


Anyone have a beloved 60s show you dislike?

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