Today when entering the grocery store a child about 12 was outside asking for money for a school event. I said “no thank you”. It dawned on me its August why would a xhild ask for money when school is not in session.

Warning oldster speech is coming with a back in my day.

Back in my day we collected money via bake sales, Christmas fairs, yard sales and as a Brother in high school put it “easiest way ever to make money” Bingo every Sunday night at the school.

To me having a child out front of a store asking for money for activities is begging. There should be a trade for money. Even if its candy bars. I can understand Salvation Army since adults do this not kids and money goes to the poor and those in need.

I am not sure this is a good lesson to kids. Begging should be the last resort a person has. When options are few to none. Schools should have other ways for the kids to make money. To me the lesson seems to be “begging is fine even when lots of options are available”.


I remember one Fall the HS a list of people who could not rake their lawn becauuse of health and or age. The Brother who compiled the names ssid it was free but we would accept donations. Every person whose yards we raked gave a donation from five to twenty. Greatest fundraiser I participated in. We worked hard, we helped people and made money for the school. I cannot recall what money went to.