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Unpopular opinion but not here We need to repeal 2nd Amendment

This nation is awash in blood. Why? Second Amendment. Sure when folks lived off the land or in secluded pioneer towns fine Second Amendment was good. Few need to live off the land and pioneer towns well maybe small isolated towns dependent on hunting. We do not live in those times. The gun culture is just that a culture a culture with a fascination with guns and treat the gun like a crucifix. Actually sometimes I wonder if the gun isn’t the American Crucifix.

This right to bear arms. Seriously? That right supercedes my right to safety? That right supercedes my right to life? Yes you can argue carrying a gun will keep you safe. Does it really? Its rare a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. Actually by the time the good guy takes out his gun the bad guy has already started shooting plus you risk shooting a civilian, if of course the bad guy does not take you out first. Remember a bullet travels faster then unholstering and aiming a gun.

Every month we see a mass shooting somewhere. More often then not the killer gets there hand on a gun who any simple logic would dictate they should not have one. Too often we read kids picking up guns their parents leave out and end up killing their playmates or themselves.


Is the right to bear arms worth all this blood and pain. Is this cost, the blood and pain, of freedom to bear arms worth it. When will the cost be too high?

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