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Unpopular Opinion: Carly Rae Jepsen Made the Better 80's-Themed Album

Hell, in my opinion, two good throwback albums. Sorry folks. Taylor Swift’s 1989 doesn’t cut it for me. Red was her best album hands down.

In fact, in the case of Carly Rae Jepsen, if we look back at her previous album Kiss, along with her current album Emotion, we can even say that she made a great 90’s throwback as well. Sure, it’s not the 80s-90s R&B (we have plenty of amazing artists for that), but unlike Swift’s attempt at maturing and still appealing to all age groups, Jepsen revels in the idea of making Bubblegum Pop, for adults.


Take her first major album (Kiss) tracks.

“Hurt So Good” is bouncy, synth-filled and light like frozen yogurt. Hell, you’d probably see this on an early Kylie Minogue record.

And the title track, “This Kiss.” There aren’t that many pop songs that rhyme sentimental with detrimental, for one, and two, it’s a tongue in cheek forbidden love anthem.

But that’s beside the point. Everyone loves to rag on Jepsen (myself included) for “I Really Like You.” But honestly, there’s quite a few hidden gems in her latest album.


We have the critical darling “Run Away With Me.” Listen to that intro:

The angsty “Your Type.”

The playfully flirtatious “Let’s Get Lost.” That sax is killer.

The relatable “Boy Problems.”

And my personal favorite: “Favorite Colour.”

I can’t wait to see what she does next. I hope she goes full 90’s a la “Torn.”

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