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Unpopular Opinion Mariah Carey lipsynching is utterly disrespectful

Maybe just an oldster being an oldster complaining.

Mariah as we all know lipsynched during the ABC NYE show. It was a failure. She is now blaming Dick Clark Production. Sorry. I remember Milli Vanilli..There careers were over due to this and it lead one to suicide. There is one person to blame. Mariah. People pay good money to go to NYC to see the festivities and to see her perform. Performing means singing not playing a cd and mouthing the words.

I assume she is not alone. I have a feeling during past Christmas shows like on NBC she has been lipsynching.


How do we even know her voice is capable of singing these songs? We do not. This is utterly disrespectful to the audience. I hope the networks would have the courage to say “if we hire you to sing your songs then sing, otherwise its cheating the audience here and at home. Its. also disrespectful”.

I wish our society was srill as intolerant to lipsynchers as we once were.

Its fraudulant by the singer, disrespectful to the audience and plain wrong.

Yes I know a lot probably do this but her taking no responsibility and blaming others for her fraudulant disrespect pushed me over the edge.  Blaming others when really she is all to blame. If she did not disrespect the audience and actually sing this mess would not have happened. Sorry she is 100 percent liable.

Because of our lax attitude towards lipsynchers how many Milli Vanillis are there? Folks who perform by lipsynching and who never actually sang the original song but pretend they did? I know Mariah is not in this catagory but is her voice still as good? Lipsynching would cover it up.

Just to be clear I despise singers who lipsynch especially if caught and blame others. In past eras her career would be over, now just a tiny bump.

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