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Unpopular Opinion: Monster Hunter Stories Should Be What Pokemon Becomes (Nintendo 3ds)

I love MHS. I am 50 hours in and ok not sure how far I am in. I am in the mines.

Anyways this is what the future of Pokemon games should be. I played every generation of Pokemon and I could not get through Pokemon Sun. Been there done that although the Trials to me were a huge step back from the Gyms.


This game like Pokemon you collect monsters. Unlike Pokemon YOU and the creature fight. You start with a total of five on your team but then it goes to 6. Your flyer is your sixth. In the game you actually fly over the land and can land in any place you walk.

Being able to fight yourself means you buy weapons or go on subquests to gather materials to create new weapons and armor. You can upgrade each weapon and armor. So with water monsters use a thunder sword, fire minsters water etc.

Unlike Pokemon you can see the monsters on the field and can weave around them.

Capturng these creatures. After every time your team rests for the night the land will be randomly cluttered with caves. Each cave can be three types, subquest (nonrandom appearing), gold which has rare eggs and brownish with regular egg. Each cave has an Egg Nest where you steal and egg then go back to the stables in town to instantly hatch it. You get a level one monster. The smellier they are the better the egg and the heavier means more gene slots. Gene slots is what holds special moves etc.


Buy this game for the 3ds.

I would rank it as one of the best games.

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