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Unpopular opinion Not A Risky Business Fan

I went to high school and college in the eighties but not a fan of this movie. Except for the sliding scene and the car that went into the pond I just did not like it. This was before I knew Cruise was a jerk. Granted it was far, far better then his other teen comedy Losin It where he lost his virginity to Shelley Long.

We had a spat of 80s comedies all centered on teen boys losing their virginity. Porky movies, Summer of 42 though really not a comedy, Risky Business although not the main point, Losin It, even Neil Simon dived into this as a sidestory in Biloxi Blues. List could go on. Weird Science was the best since it switched from teen sex comedy into the importance of selfrespect, respect and confidence is what really matters its also very funny.


Goldbergs dealt with this movie the episode was funny.

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