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In the interest of avoiding real work, I’m reading some of the Ask the Salty Waitress archives on The Takeout (lately her advice all seems to be “do what you want, but if you don’t choose the option that gives me the biggest tip, you are being tacky. I wanted to see if she’s always been that way)

Anyway, the article I’m reading now is “hey, is it okay to ask for a table over a booth?”. And, there is some debate on tables over booths and which is the preferred seating.

Personally, I always hate being asked, because the people I’m with always say booth....but booths suck! If the person you are seated next to is going all crazy with his elbows, you are stuck where you are seated. You can only move over so far. If you need to get up to go to the bathroom, everybody has to get out. I can’t move closer or further to the table as I desire...or if I do it then it affects everybody else.


People make claims about things like privacy, but I’ve heard many a conversation happening on the other side of that booth wall, and there are still the tables around you. Basically, I just don’t get the popularity booths seem to hold.

Got a booth or table opinion? Or another opinion you’ve been dying to share?

ETA: Clearly the solution is more of those half table, half booth things. People can have their storage space and back to the wall. And, I’m free to get up and pee whenever I need to. :-P

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