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Unpopular opinion Star Trek had horrible children characters

I hate Wesley Crusher more then anyother character on Star Trek. Could he have been a normal child? Nope. A super genius and annoying as hell. I swear they took the Will Robinson and said “let’s make Wesley smarter and more annoying”. The end of his character as a God Like Traveler was so over the top stupid.

Yet really all Star Trek children were fairly horrible characters. Worf’s son Alexander was an annoying brat most of the time. If he is the typical child Klingon I am surprised they made it to adulthood.

Jake Sisko the writers seemed to have said “let’s make an antiWesley, average smarts, not annoying and so boring”. I did not hate Jake he just bored me. I did like the episode with the adult Jake.


Oddly my favorite kid on Star Trek was Nog. He was smart, resiliant and funny. I also loved how he was essentially his father’s parent. How Nog stood up to Quark. Also his being on a Starship as a crew member in Starfleet seemed very believable.

Any children on Star Trek you liked? There seems to have only been 4. Yes episodes about children although they were all annoying children, Charlie X, the first Q on the Original Series and the planet where it was all kids also TOS episode.

I wish they had a no children code for Star Trek since they seemed to never really know how to write children roles. Nog was their best and that is not saying much.


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