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ETA2: Yeah I spoke too quickly about hoping fire services would have an easier night than usual tonight. Dammit. And the rain died down but the high winds didn't so conditions for fire fighting were tough.

Figures for incidents dealt with by DFB as of midnight - 380 total fire and ambulance, 150+ bonfires, 12 car fires, 3 industrial fires etc

— Dublin Fire Brigade (@DubFireBrigade) 1, 2014

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Saw one of the bonfires on the way to the cinema. Humongous. Along with a hell of a lot of illegal fireworks. There was so much smoke in the air.


Fuck Halloween.


Not trying to rain on anyone's parade here. Have fun and give kids lots of candy.


But, I don't like Halloween very much. I've got nothing against dressing up in costumes, but I'd have so much more fun if it were masquerade ball style instead of a stupid mess of Carnivalesque behavior tacked onto half-harvest-festival, half frankenstein's monster mishmash of religious festivals and secular horror themes. "Scary stuff" has never really amused me, and just because most of US culture doesn't have Carnival for the topsy turvy rule-upturning doesn't mean this particular holiday is a good way to fill the niche (although it goes a long way to explain the Sexy Everything costumes, considering the Puritanical strain in American culture).

Also, I think orange and black are ugly colors together.

I've gone from not really minding it all that much to resenting the holiday, because where I live now imported trick-or-treating from American television but didn't import the porch light rules, so if you're home you either have to hide out in the back of the house with all the lights out or actually be out of the house for most of the night to avoid being harrassed. Which means that I'm set for a double bill of movies I'm not exactly excited about seeing tonight, when I'd rather stay home and read. (My eyes do not handle more than a couple hours in a cinema very well, and the wind is picking up with rain set to come. I'd rather be home with a book and a nice cup of tea.)


Oh yeah, and some little hooligans egged the bus I was on the other day, and the fire department is going to have a scary night because of illegal bonfires and getting attacked when they try to put them out.

Bah humbug and I hope it rains. Okay, maybe I am trying to rain on somebody's parade, but not yours. Really. Unless you live in my area.


ETA: It is indeed raining (not that much of a surprise since it's Ireland), and there are fewer (illegal) bangers and fireworks than usual. It might not be such a bad night for fire services. :)

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