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Share your own unpopular opinions! This post will contain SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame.

I finally got around to seeing this movie.



This movie was fucking stupid. Full disclosure I never watched the Ironman movies, any of the Thor movies before Ragnarok, and none of the other Avengers movies except the Infinity Wars. So admittedly I’m not super invested in a lot of the characters.


1. Great, ultimately we still need a cadre of straight, white men to save the world. All these fucking badass women and hurry up and hatch your time travel plan without waiting for Captain Marvel? Not to mention if I have to time travel somewhere I’m calling Okoye for help because she can out-fight and out-strategize pretty much everyone. You fuckers waited 5 years. Do a little strength training and meditation while you wait a few days for Captain Marvel to return and for Okoye to get someone else to run Wakanda while she’s off saving the universe.

2. Fatsuit Thor made me cringe. I understand the character turning to booze to self-medicate over his feelings of failure, but they knew it would be a fatsuit laugh time for the audience. Also, making him smelly and fat really played into hateful stereotypes.

3. All these female badass superheros and I don’t think we pass the Bechdel Test. Maybe Nebula and Gamora had a brief conversation not about Thanos or Quill? Although since their struggle to have a sister bond is because of Thanos, not sure that counts.

4. The fuck was up with that “girl power” battle scene? Where they all rally around Captain Marvel? It really stressed how underused they were IN ALL THE OTHER FIGHT SCENES. Did someone text the directors and say “did you put the laydeez in the epic battle? more than one next to each other so we can brag about how diverse our characters are?”


5. “Hi, I’m Nebula. I get tortured by my father in every movie I’m in! Despite being critical to all you fuckers because I’m the one who knows where Thanos was and where 2 of the stones were, you fuckers didn’t even notice when old me came back with a different fucking arm.”

6. ScarJo’s character. So as soon as she and Hawkeye were the ones going for the soul stone, I was like oh naturally she’ll sacrifice herself for the dudes.


7. Thor just abdicating responsibility to Valkyrie. Like when he was a drunk and then the end so he can go off with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

8. This one is me legit struggling with the plot. I thought Loki got one of the stones and vanished himself off into a new timeline? And then Captain Murrica and Tony Stark went further in the past and got the same stone. But then why wasn’t he there at the end battle? Wouldn’t them getting the stone earlier revert the change he tried to make when he got the stone? Is Loki still dead? How will the hair gel industry stay in business without his purchases?


9. Why the fuck am I supposed to believe Thanos is that powerful without the damn infinity stones? You mean to tell me Captain America, Thor, and Ironman couldn’t fucking kill him before he got the damn gauntlet? Yet they could fight and almost defeat him (although Thor didn’t aim for his head) when he had all the damn stones?

10. I get the whole “oh wow, Captain America can pick up Thor’s Hammer, he is worthy!” etc etc. Why does he get to keep the hammer? Get your own damn fancy weapon. What happened to the hammer between him returning the stones and coming back as an older version of Joe Biden?


Anyhoo, I’m done ranting. Share your own unpopular opinions, too. 

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