Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tom Bergeron what happened. He used to host WBZs People Are Talking in the 80s. He was young, enthused, knew his topics and could go from serious to friendly. Now he seems like a game show host goiing through a tired routine. I used to really like him. Now he seems bored and a bit swarmy.

Jim.Cramer. Why do folks like him? He seems like he should do sports not economic news. His yelling and histronics recall at time HSN in the 90s when they sold Beanie Babies. Just watch Betty Lui on Bloomberg and its a world of difference. In the mornings at 9am to 10am they are opposite each other. Jim cohosts at that time.


Suzanne Somers I loved her on Three's Company but when she is selling her stuff on Evine formerly ShopHQ formerly ShopNBC something so fake about her.

My mother looooooooooves him and everyone I have known loves him. Its Fritz Wetherbee he does NH Chronicle a short segment. He tells a historical tale.that's true or a funny story about his friend Binky. Binky is a retired.Beatnik who is a good hearted dolt. I admit Binky stories I laugh and do learn about history. Something about him I do not like.

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