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...but all too real.

The FACT that they took these kids from their mothers & fathers AT ALL is a crime. Without basic, cross~checkable accounting as to who & where their parents are is a crime. The FACT that the records some managed to keep were destroyed on purpose by our government is a mind~boggling evil crime. The conditions they’ve (babies, kids & parents) been reported to be “detained” in are crimes against humanity, and hopefully, prosecutable.


WHY THE FUCK is DNA testing even in play?? The ACLU is right to argue this line. What happens to that information & why was it needed in the first place? Even paper records would have alleviated the need.

But, the worst of their evil hearts is first deceiving parents in to signing papers to give up asylum claims in order to get their children back (which is a pure lie), then arguing in a court of law that, “Tough shit. Since we cant find your children we shouldn’t have to give them back.”

I would bet everything I own that those under 5 year old kids & babies are going to Christian Fundy households to raise as “good christian brown voters.” Abused their entire lives, relentlessly, with indoctrination & corporal punishment. Then, when they are 18, an army of brown christian fundy voters to whitewash (eta: brown~washthe imagined oppression of people like their illegitimate “parents.”

Yes, this sounds like a conspiracy theory. Yes, I know that. But you know as well as I do that Xtian Conservatives play the long game & have for decades. Part of their doctrine is families like the fucking Duggars, a “helpmeet” who pushes out 2 dozen baby voters over the course of the fertility window to increase the population. The Duggars times thousands of like-minded families. Keep the electorate white, and if you can’t do that biologically, do it by adopting black & brown babies from other countries to help you do it. Keep them beaten, hungry & homeschooled & it will all work out for the white folk.


This is a thing. Xtian Fundy’s threw a wide net imploring people to adopt internationally for just this reason in recent years. Rooo is the fucking master at linking relevant citations, but I am not Rooo. Google it.

Anyway, “We deported their parents & it’s too hard to give the babies back because we never kept records, your Honor. Okay?” Writing another virtual check to the ACLU tonight.


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