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Unrequited Love

ETA: Sorry this thing is so huge! Yikes!

Have you guys seen this going around? I saw it a week or so ago, but my husband just discovered it today and tried to show me again. I said I'd seen it and I didn't like it. He got into a little grump, but then we talked about it. (Side note: I love how much our communication has grown with our relationship.) I get that breakups are hard. I've been ugly-crying-in-public heartbroken before and it sucks so much. But there are two people involved and this video rubbed me the wrong way because it kind of disregards or even villainizes the woman. Not in an obvious way, but the feeling seems to be "how could she not be totally in love with someone who would do this for her?" with that gasp from the audience. If it was a woman who performed this poem, it would probably go on the overly attached girlfriend meme.


Gender aside, unrequited love seems to be put on a pedestal in pop culture and it drives me batty. It oversimplifies things to have a relationship equation that's supposed to work for everyone. Each individual is different and every relationship will encounter different obstacles and reactions because of that. Every relationship will end until one doesn't.

But perhaps I'm overthinking all of this.

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